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How to isolate exosomes in less than 10 minutes

Julia Milliex explains how to isolate intact and pure exosomes with a very simple protocol requiring less than 10 minutes of hands-on time! Learn more about our exosome purification kits herePublished: August 2019


How to take control of exosomes purity

Julia Milliex explains how to use size exclusion chromatography (SEC) columns to collect exosome samples and guarantee the highest purity levels! Learn more about our exosome purification kits herePublished: March 2020


Webinar: Extracellular vesicles; their roles and potential utility in cancer

Prof Aled Clayton (Tissue Microenvironment Group (TMEG), Cardiff University) reviews how EVs play a crucial role in cancer and have potential therapeutic and diagnostic utility. Published: March 2019


Webinar: Extracellular vesicles as a minimally invasive diagnostic source and active metabolic machines

Prof Juan Manuel Falcon-Perez (CIC BioGUNE, Spain) speaks about using EV cargo as a source to elucidate non-invasive biomarkers, putting special emphasis on approaches that could accelerate translation of EV research into the clinic. EVs contain active enzymes that modify their environment and influence different pathophysiological processes. Published: July 2019


Growth Factors

7 Points to consider when choosing your recombinant growth factors!

Published: September 2019


PODS® Sustained Release Growth Factors

What is the PODS® technology?

Dr Christian Pernstich explains the PODS® technology and its great potential for research and therapeutics. Learn more about our sustained release growth factors herePublished: September 2017

How to create gradients with PODS® sustained release growth factors

Watch a quick animation on how to create gradients with growth factors. Learn more about our sustained release growth factors herePublished: May 2017


ISSCR 2019: Recorded Presentation 

Watch the full presentation – A novel sustained release growth factor technology for improved quality in stem cell differentiation and organoid culture. Learn more about the product range herePublished: September 2019


Cell Culture Media 

What are ETS-embryos or artificial embryos?

Prof Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz and Sarah Harrison talk about ETS-embryos and their great potential for stem cell research. Learn more about the ETS-embryo media herePublished: March 2017


Cell Counting

How to use Orangu™, a cell proliferation and toxicity assay

Learn more about the product herePublished: October 2019


Matrigen Softwell

Mechanical signaling in stem cell aging

How can the substrate influence stem cell fate? Dr Kevin Chalut, from the University of Cambridge, explains how hydrogel substrates with controlled stiffness can influence stem cell migration and differentiation. Learn more about the hydrogel product range herePublished: December 2019


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