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PODS® proteins

Sustained release growth factors

If you are considering custom protein production, explore the benefits of PODS proteins only available from Cell Guidance Systems.

Custom PODS® Protein Production Service

POlyhedrin Delivery System (PODS®) provides a highly effective solution to the inherent instability of proteins. PODS® technology exploits the natural properties of the polyhedrin protein which forms crystals when expressed in a cell. PODS® crystals are formed when a tagged protein of interest (cargo protein) is co-expressed with the Bombyx mori cypovirus polyhedrin protein. The polyhedrin protein forms regular, cubic crystals within which a cargo protein specifically binds via a short protein tag. PODS® technology provides a slow-release depot formulation for the cargo protein.  

A range of PODS® proteins is available as catalogue products. However, if you wish to have a specific protein made, please contact us for a quote and terms and conditions. In general, we provide a 12 month period of exclusivity for a custom protein before adding it to our catalogue.

Typically PODS® proteins can be prepared in 3-4 months and 5 billion PODS® crystals are delivered to the customer.

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