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PODS® Growth Factors

Sustained release growth factors

2D to 3D to In-vivo.

Growth factors designed for today's research environment.

Growth factors are very potent molecules with short half-lives. Their fragility limits both their research and therapeutic potential. A technology that can continuously replenish active growth factors from a localized, microscopic store allows greater control over cells.

2D: Fewer interventions + stable environment = higher quality cells

3D and organoids: localized sustained release = longer survival and higher quality cells

In-vivo: Localized sustained release = longer survival of implanted cells improved therapeutic effect

Introducing PODS®

PODS® (Polyhedrin Delivery System) technology has made the goal of a micro-depot for proteins a reality. PODS® is a sustained release system which continuously replenishes proteins from millions of local microscopic stores which can be placed next to or at a distance from cells, either randomly or in precise locations. Just like cells, these micro-depots release a steady stream of bioactive protein. This protein can be limited to local surroundings, dispersed more widely, or made to form a gradient.

How does it work?

At the heart of PODS® is an extraordinary polyhedrin protein. This specific polyhedrin protein has the unique ability to encase cargo proteins within perfect, transparent, cubic, micro-sized crystals, even smaller than the cells. These protein crystals form admixtures of the polyhedrin and cargo proteins which slowly degrade releasing the biologically active cargo proteins. The polyhedrin protein is inherently more susceptible to protease digestion than growth factors, so the growth factors are released intact.

How can PODS® help my research?

PODS® are tough and will withstand physical and chemical stress, so you can handle them with ease. PODS® can be made to release intact cargo protein over days, weeks or even months. Using PODS®, you can readily create a steady-state protein environment in microscopic detail wherever you want, tailored exactly to your requirements. This is the power of PODS®. 

PODS® proteins enable 2D, 3D (including organoids) research as well as being perfect for in-vivo studies. Now available for many growth factors and cytokines and already being used in many leading world-class research labs.

PODS® applications:

• Micropatterning
• Physiological, stable gradient formation
• Bioinks for 3D printing
• 3D culture including organoids
• Microcarriers
• Functionalizing scaffolds
• Microfluidics (lab on a chip)
• Improved and simplified stem cell culture
• In-vivo survival agent for implanted cells
• Therapeutic protein delivery

Want to learn more and see some data? View our comprehensive guide to PODS® technology.


PODS® Empty £100.00
PODS® Human Activin A £100.00
PODS® Mouse Activin A £100.00
PODS® Rat Activin A £100.00
PODS® Human Activin B £100.00
PODS® Human BDNF £100.00
PODS® Human BMP-4 £100.00
PODS® Human BMP-10 £100.00
PODS® Human CD40 Ligand £100.00
PODS® Human Chemerin £100.00
PODS® Human CNTF £100.00
PODS® Human CTGF £100.00
PODS® Human DKK-1 £100.00
PODS® Human EGF £100.00
PODS® Human Ephrin-A1 £100.00
PODS® Human Ephrin-A3 £100.00
PODS® Human Ephrin-A4 £100.00
PODS® Human Ephrin-B2 £100.00
PODS® Mouse Ephrin-B2 £100.00
PODS® Human EPO £100.00
PODS® Human FGF-1 £100.00
PODS® Human FGF-2 (154) £100.00
PODS® Human FGF-7 £100.00
PODS® Human FGF-10 £100.00
PODS® Human FGF-19 £100.00