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PODS® Growth Factors

Growth factors are very potent molecules with short half-lives. Their fragility limits both their research and therapeutic potential. PODS® (Polyhedrin Delivery System) provides a highly effective crystalline formulation for essentially any protein which are slowly released as the crystal degrades. Numerous applications have been developed for PODS®. 

Introducing PODS® 


PODS®  is a sustained-release co-crystal depot formulation which continuously replenishes proteins from millions of local microscopic protein crystals which can be placed at a defined distance from cells. PODS® micro-depots release a steady stream of bioactive protein providing zero-order kinetics. 


PODS® application areas 

• Bioink functionalization • 3D culture including organoids • Functionalizing scaffolds • Microfluidics (lab on a chip) • Improved and simplified stem cell culture • In-vivo survival agent for implanted cells • Therapeutic protein delivery

PODS® application notes

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PODS® Empty £100.00
PODS® Human Activin A £100.00
PODS® Mouse Activin A £100.00
PODS® Rat Activin A £100.00
PODS® Human Activin B £100.00
PODS® Human BDNF £100.00
PODS® Human BMP-4 £100.00
PODS® Human BMP-10 £100.00
PODS® Human CD40 Ligand £100.00
PODS® Human Chemerin £100.00
PODS® Human CNTF £100.00
PODS® Human CTGF £100.00
PODS® Human DKK-1 £100.00
PODS® Human EGF £100.00
PODS® Human Ephrin-A1 £100.00
PODS® Human Ephrin-A3 £100.00
PODS® Human Ephrin-A4 £100.00
PODS® Human Ephrin-B2 £100.00
PODS® Mouse Ephrin-B2 £100.00
PODS® Human EPO £100.00
PODS® Human FGF-1 £100.00
PODS® Human FGF-2 (154) £100.00
PODS® Human FGF-7 £100.00
PODS® Human FGF-10 £100.00
PODS® Human FGF-19 £100.00